Russian Federation suspected of disrupting Finland's Global Positioning System signal during North Atlantic Treaty Organisation war games

The exercise took place off the Trondheim coast Norway

Image The exercise took place off the Trondheim coast Norway

"If it hadn't been taken into account in planning the exercise, the party responsible for the interference did North Atlantic Treaty Organisation a service", political columnist Jukka Tarkka said in a blog post.

Russian Federation might have disrupted Finland's Global Positioning System signal during NATO's recent military drills, as the Prime Minister of Finland said, Deutsche Welle reports. All participants in Trident Juncture were representatives of 31 countries.

"It is technically reasonably easy to interfere with the radio signal in the open space", Prime Minister Juha Sipila told public broadcaster Yle.

"It is possible that Russian Federation has been the disrupting party in this", Sipila told public broadcaster Yle according to Reuters. "It's possible that Russian Federation was the cause of the disturbance; it's known to have such capabilities", he said. "We're now investigating it and will react accordingly". "This is not a joke". Non-military aircraft from a regional airline also experienced Global Positioning System failures, "threatening the air security of ordinary people", according to the Finnish PM.

Finnish Defence Force/VIlle MultanenFinnish military personnel in formation at the Älvdalen training grounds in Sweden, October 27, 2018.

The war game simulated a Russian invasion of Norway and was NATO's largest such exercise in decades.

It involved 65 vessels, 150 aircrafts and 10,000 vehicles aiding the troops. While much of the activity was largely based in central and southern Norway, fighter jets and other military aircraft used airports in northern Norway and Finland.

Meanwhile, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto has joined the score of Finnish politicians demanding an investigation of the reported interference. The Kremlin on Monday denied involvement in the Finnish GPS disturbance. Although Finland is not a member of the Alliance, she often participates in such events.

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