YouTube silently launches on Nintendo Switch

YouTube Is Available On The Switch Now

YouTube app now available on Nintendo Switch

Speaking in a financial Q&A session after being asked about Switch Online specifics, current Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa outright stated that they have "no plans to disclose any current subscriber ratios or number of subscribers at this time". Interestingly, the Switch version of YouTube also supports the platform's 360 videos, although we're not sure how popular that will turn out to be.

Rumors of YouTube's impending release began springing up earlier this week when Switch owners reported that they were receiving suggestions for the app appear on the eShop.

The Super Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch system provides some of the most fun four-player party action this side of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Interacting with the YouTube app is largely a button and joystick affair, tough the touchscreen does work of a fashion, something that will be great news for anyone who wants to watch content in handheld mode and doesn't want to have to fight with entering search queries using the joystick. If you're familiar with YouTube on Android TV, you'll be right at home with YouTube on the Nintendo Switch. As with any other YouTube app, you can log in with your Google account to access all of your subscriptions and recommendations. Americans have had access to Hulu, which isn't as big as Netflix, Stan or Amazon Prime in Australia anyway. Well, similar to how Microsoft doesn't disclose Xbox One hardware sales, we probably aren't going to find out anytime soon.

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