Trump responds to Michelle O's attack

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US First Lady Michelle Obama has ripped President Trump’s spreading of the “birther” conspiracy theory

She also reveals for the first time that she ultimately resorted to in vitro fertilization to conceive her two daughters. Due to the lack of transparency about miscarriages at the time, Obama revealed that she did not realize how common they were, and her inability to conceive left her feeling as though she had failed in some way. She writes lovingly of her family and gives a detailed account of her courtship with her future husband, whom she met when both were at the Chicago law firm Sidley Austin LLP. "I'll never forgive him for many other things".

Counseling, she tells Roberts, became "one of those ways where we learned how to talk out our differences". "And we get help with our marriage when we need it".

Finally, Obama also reveals that she and Barack underwent marriage counseling, which should shed some light on the hard work it takes to achieve what looked, in former White House photographer Pete Souza's photos, like an effortlessly flawless marriage. "My skin crawled", she said. It was important for me to take care of myself; that's not on Barack'.

'And they always insist that you come up with (something) controversial. In her memoir, Michelle Obama described their actions as "crazy and mean-spirited". He has a wife, he has young daughters, they felt like there were real consequences there, and I tie it to our colleague Tucker Carlson.

In her new memoir Becoming, Obama blasts Trump writing that she was in "shock" when she found out he would be replacing her husband in the Oval Office and tried to "block it all out".

She writes: 'I was female, black and strong, which to certain people translated only to "angry". But Mrs. Obama defied her exalted status in the annals of history by cultivating an image of a modern woman with whom many Americans would like to sip wine and chat. She also said she would "never forgive" him over his birtherism comments.

Former first lady Michelle Obama in her upcoming book "Becoming" said she would "never forgive" President Donald Trump for promoting the false birther conspiracy.

During the 2012 U.S. presidential election, Trump floated the racist conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was not a United States citizen, and touted the demonstrably false claim that Obama's birth certificate was not real.

She accused Trump of stalking Clinton through body language during an election debate because he followed her around the stage and stood nearby "trying to diminish her presence".

No factual evidence to support such heinous claims ever emerged over the allegations, but Obama says that the mere notion caused her family to suffer serious threats.

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