Tesla's Model 3 gets quicker cornering with 'Track Mode'

2018 Tesla Model 3

2018 Tesla Model 3

Motor Trend tested the Model 3 Performance with an early version of Track Mode a few months ago, and, to the distress of Tesla's engineers, beat it with an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. In Motor Trend's rematch with the new software, however it thumped the latter vehicle by a second and a half and matched the $86,000 Porsche Cayman GT4. Yesterday the auto company released the new Track Mode feature for Model 3 Performance versions, allowing drivers to take their EV to the racetrack and really let loose with some aggressive driving.

Tesla's in-house Vehicle Dynamics Controller is able to cater to the driver's intention within a matter of milliseconds and adjust torque bias between the front and rear wheels accordingly. Most interestingly, Track mode unlocks a simulated limited-slip differential. Then it abandons this plan entirely. Other features include increased regenerative braking power and proactive cooling, which helps reduce damage to the car's battery pack. Thus you get improved stopping performance, and the auto claws back as much battery life as possible (handy when it will be evaporating at huge rate from everywhere else).

Tesla has officially begun rolling out its awaited "Track mode" for the Tesla Model 3 Performance. Tesla said the system will also work for longer when the car's parked to bring the temperatures lower than it normally would, leaving you with more time before things start to overheat. Thus, Track mode enables the Model 3 Performance to increase the car's ability to rotate through a turn.

"This requires lightning fast torque control and the ability for the auto to precisely regulate traction on each tire - both of which are standard features in every Tesla, but that we've expanded upon with Track Mode to make highly technical driving effortless", the company says.

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