Google Chrome browser will start blocking mobile billing malware scams

Google Chrome

Chrome will soon warn you about tricky mobile subscription signups

Starting with the release of Chrome 71, Google plans to attempt to identify such websites and warn users about the danger of being duped while buying or subscribing to a new service. For example, if you're doing online shopping on a reputable retailer such as Taobao or your favourite department store from your Chrome browser on your devices, you won't get any annoying flags.

This primarily applies to mobile services, which may charge additional fees without giving at the same time players have complete information about a particular service.

Google is making this change so users can make more informed decisions when signing up to mobile-based subscription services.

-Billing information should be visible and obvious to the user.

So, before you become a victim of unwanted charges deduction, Google Chrome will notify you before you subscribe to these dubious mobile pages. Several websites with mobile subscription pages use deceiving methods to disguise the fact they are charging users. According to Google, millions of Chrome users encounter pages with unclear or insufficient mobile subscription information every month.

In order to make sure that developers who are legitimately using this flow to provide users a subscription will not get caught up in this new system. Two, "Can customers easily see the costs they're going to incur before accepting the terms?" The company will be punishing the websites that are repeat offenders as apart of Chrome browser version 71 that is due to arrive in December this year.

WebView is the Android platform that allows web pages to be viewed within Android apps. In the worst case scenarios, some websites don't even bother telling users they're being charged, disguising forms as "enter phone number to access site" gateways.

So, what's your take on this new protective feature from USA tech giant - Google?

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