Beat Saber Release Date Announced in Neon Saturated Gameplay Trailer

Beat Saber Chops PSVR with Exclusive New Content on 20th November

Rhythm slice-'em-up Beat Saber hits PlayStation VR this month

The lightsaber rhythm game is launching on November 20.

Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats (represented by small cubes) as they are coming at you.

All levels and music within Beat Saber are handcrafted the ensure a smooth execution for the player to experience, a result that is "incomparable to similar games with generated content".

Beat Games released Beat Saber on Steam in May 2018, and it has garnered an "overwhelmingly positive" rating on that platform and more is coming to the PSVR release of Beat Saber. Despite the fact that it launched with 10 songs, PC players with VR headsets have been using their own custom songs and levels, so the PlayStation VR version will need to include additional tracks to hold players' interest - it's a great move. A "challenging campaign" has been made just for PS VR that lets players improve their skills. I'm also a fan of the Practice mode, which lets players slow down the pace to practice nailing particularly tricky segments.

Beat Saber also has a party mode where "everyone can join and start playing in seconds". First up is a new campaign mode that is exclusive to PSVR and will offer regular challenges to players. But Sony will need to find a creative way around Beat Saber's best community feature if they choose not to support it at all. Beat Games promises different genres of music and artists though.

Exclusive new songs: Everyone loves Beat Saber's Original Game Soundtrack.

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