'Two Can Play That Game.' Trump Preemptively Threatens Retaliatory Investigations Against Democrats

Democrats celebrate after candidate Laura Kelly was declared the winner over Kris Kobach at her election night party in Topeka Kansas on Nov 6 2018

US Democrats win House, Republicans keep Senate

"CNN should be ashamed of itself, having you working for them", Trump told CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, who wrestled with a White House staffer who forcibly pulled the microphone from his hands.

Trump has frequently been combative with reporters, and painted the news media as "enemies of the people", but Wednesdays press conference raised the level of his hostility.

As the ranking Democrat, Engel has issued a steady stream of barbed commentary over Trump's policies - among them, withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran and weapons treaties with Russian Federation, threatening to withhold aid to Central America, slashing refugee admissions and support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

"It is time for members of both parties to join together, put partisanship aside, and keep the American economic miracle going strong".

Only two other Muslims have been elected to Congress, and both are men now in office: Ellison and Indiana Democratic Rep. Andre Carson.

President Donald Trump warned of a "war-like posture" if Democrats use their newly won control of the House to launch investigations into his administration, even as he lavished praise on an opposition party leader he has repeatedly attacked on the campaign trail. He added, "Two can play that game!"

Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) trails Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams (D) by more than 5,000 votes, though ballots continue to trickle in there as well. "Too bad, sorry about that Mia". "They ignored the consultants who said they should cover up their tattoos and smile more, and they ignored the powerful men of the Republican Party who never took them seriously anyway".

Representative Adam Smith of Washington state, who is likely to become chairman of the Armed Services Committee, has made it clear one of the first topics he wants the new Democratic-held House to hold hearings on is troop deployments to the Mexican border. He said there was a "ton of work" still to be done on issues ranging from opioid addiction to housing and climate change, but didn't offer any specific new proposals for his second term.

In ill-tempered exchanges, he called a CNN correspondent "a rude, awful person" and told an NBC reporter: "I'm not a big fan of yours either".

Davids, a lawyer who will also be Kansas' first openly gay member of Congress, defeated incumbent Republican Kevin Yoder by nine points in a state that was handily won by Trump in 2016. Current results have Democrats controlling 222 seats to the Republicans' 196, with 17 contests still undeclared, according to the Associated Press.

Asked about comments from some Democrats that now in the majority they would seek his income tax returns, which unlike previous presidents Trump has refused to make public, Trump repeated prior explanations that they were under audit and his lawyers have told him not too.

The effect may be more pronounced in the Senate, due mostly to the simple fact that the Republicans no longer control the agenda in the House (where the GOP conference was already more pro-Trump even before the election).

They could now launch investigations into Mr Trump's administration and business affairs, from tax returns to potential conflicts of interest. Now we can investigate, they look at us, we look at them, it goes on for two years and then at the end of two years nothing's done.

"In a stark contrast to the GOP Congress, the Democratic Congress will be led with transparency and openness so that the public can see what is happening and how it affects them", she said in a victory speech to Democrats on Tuesday night. "We also also have to determine whether financial motives are motivating the president and the first family". Trump threatened to go after House Democrats who try to investigate him, while Rep. Nancy Pelosi said her party would be "a check and balance" against the White House.

A pair of districts in the Midwest voted to elect Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar as the first Muslim women to the House of Representatives. "Every committee has oversight responsibility", Pelosi said.

But in Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams - who was hoping to become the first black female governor in the USA - refused to concede as her Republican opponent Brian Kemp took a commanding lead after a bitter campaign. Exit polling showed that voters, like Democratic candidates, considered health care the number one issue and they turned out in record numbers.

Four Senate Democrats lost elections Tuesday after voting against the confirmation of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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