Trump Threatens to Investigate Democrats if They Probe His Administration

US Senate elections 2018

US midterm election 2018 results: Democrats take House, but Republicans strengthen their control of the Senate

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The Democrats said they also want the Justice Department to protect the integrity of Mueller's investigation and to preserve relevant documents. "It was a great victory".

Ms Pelosi - who is set to become speaker, a position she held from 2007 to 2011 - told supporters: "Today is more than about Democrats and Republicans".

The Democratic winning margin in the popular vote is projected by the New York Times to be about 7 points once all the votes are counted.

Over the last two years there was always this sense that while the president's thunderous championing of white nationalism and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies was hurting him in the heavily Mexican-American parts of the southwestern U.S., it was the key to unlock the Rustbelt and Midwest - the part of the country seen as the one which gave him the presidency.

Now with Democrats in control of the House, if Trump's companies or other interests ignore their subpoenas or try legal maneuvers to delay or spurn them, they could face a contempt citation to the House floor. That's one reason why it's so hard to settle on a single narrative about what happened. The party did not secure a Senate majority, which could have given the Democrats powers to block any further Supreme Court nominations and open more probes into the president. "They ignored the consultants who said they should cover up their tattoos and smile more, and they ignored the powerful men of the Republican Party who never took them seriously anyway".

But that did not happen and even after the midterm elections, Trump emerged "undiminished, undaunted and unhinged: our president in full indeed". The Democratic majority should hold high-profile hearings and votes on legislation to enact a $15-an-hour minimum wage, expand health-care guarantees, end price-gouging by pharmaceutical corporations, rewrite the tax code and avert austerity, protect immigrants, and revoke blank checks for unauthorized military interventions overseas. Trump only added 2,000 to Mitt Romney's 2012 total, hardly much motion at all. In all, 91 Republican candidates got some kind of nod from Trump. However, he did it by standing still as Clinton underperformed.

Republicans must also loudly promote their success with two of the country's most enduring, important issues: the economy and national security.

But his news conference, which stretched close to 90 minutes, quickly turned raucous when some reporters pushed him on whether his campaign rhetoric on migrants from Central America was divisive - and on developments in a federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and any coordination between Moscow and the Trump campaign. But there again, what Trump did in those states was to produce a return to basic political identity in red states and red House districts, while Democrats used Trump and hot-button political issues such as health care to do the same in blue states and blue House districts.

That raises big questions about any path to Electoral College victory in 2020.

President Donald Trump urged Democrats on Wednesday to "put partisanship aside" as he bluntly warned them against using their newfound control of the US House of Representatives to tie up his administration in investigations.

"We also had a staggering number of House retirements". While 44% of voters approve of Mr. Trump's policies, some 20% like his policies but dislike him personally. Few Republicans actually turn out to be persuadable at election time. The worst thing would be for Trump to appear vindicated by the process. Some two-thirds of voters on Tuesday expressed satisfaction with the economy, and these are people he'd win if he didn't alienate them with his narcissism and petulance.

And Nevada voters obviously agreed with Obama rather than Trump: Rosen won by 5%. Instead he has played constantly to his base who are already loyal. Republicans' heavy hand in drawing district boundaries (Michigan is seen as one of the most politically gerrymandered states) was too much to overcome, he said.

Thank President Trump and Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh for the red wall that reduced the blue wave to nearly a ripple. Trump has about eighteen months to start building on the opportunity Hillary left him to win moderates as a means of holding off an opponent with better talent at turning out voters.

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