Steelers' Antonio Brown cited for driving over 100 miles per hour in Pittsburgh

Brown, who was driving a black Porsche, was charged with reckless driving for the incident, according to local police.

- Police say Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was stopped for speeding over 100 mph in his Porsche, just hours before the team's game against the Carolina Panthers.

Oddly enough, it appears Brown was actually pulled over because there was a bank robbery in the area.

The vehicle in question was Brown's black Porsche (see it here). According to KDKA-TV, Brown was in an area where the posted speed limit is 45 miles per hour.

Brown was on McKnight Road when he was driving and he was pulled over "between Babcock Boulevard and the Parkway" per KDKA. Should Brown lose his license, he'll also miss out on driving one of his several Rolls-Royces. The Pittsburgh Steelers released a statement saying that they're aware of the incident, but won't be commenting any further at this time.

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