Donald Trump warns Democrats against probes and mocks Republicans who lost seats

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives for a

Trump Calls Out Mia Love, Other Embattled GOP Candidates For Not Supporting Him

And after two years of the Republican Party's complete control over the executive and legislative branches of the government, voters in the United States were expected to exercise control over how things were going in the country.

Meanwhile, rather than focusing on impeaching President Donald Trump, as some have called for, Ryan said the main thrust of the Democrats' arguments must be to reduce economic anxiety. He cited "questionable things" done by Democrats, including "leaks of classified information".

"If the Republicans swept today, you would get more fiscal stimulus but that also would likely result in higher interest rates and the Fed moving potentially faster", said Keith Lerner, chief market strategist at SunTrust Advisory Services in Atlanta.

We shall see ... but Trump's tweet would certainly seem to indicate that he plans on adopting a doctrine of "mutually assured destruction" in the event House Democrats come at him next January. Last Friday, at a campaign rally in West Virginia, he contemplated the possible GOP loss of the House, and said he wasn't anxious, he'd "figure it out". He openly mocked members who tried to survive by distancing themselves from him, calling them out by name and adding sarcastically, "too bad". As for Utah Rep. Mia Love's loss Tuesday, Trump said: "Mia Love gave me no love, and she lost", adding, "Sorry about that, Mia".

At the same time, the potential for some fiscal stimulus is still alive through an infrastructure spending package, an area where analysts say Trump and Democrats could find common ground and where an agreement could boost stocks, particularly shares in construction and materials companies.

The Democratic victory in the U.S. House of Representatives could echo from Moscow to Beijing to Riyadh, with empowered Democrats now able to launch new investigations into President Donald Trump's worldwide business empire and his political dealings with the rest of the world.

"Mike, will you be my running mate?"

Trump's favoring of light regulations for banks and other industries has created a climate that investors say has helped stocks.

Attorneys general often band together in challenging presidents; Republicans sued to overturn the Affordable Care Act, and Democrats have challenged President Trump on issues such as the original travel ban and easing environmental regulations.

While US governors do not oversee presidents in the way members of congress do, those candidates in many ways represented the public face of the Democratic challenge to Mr Trump this year.

Thirty percent of the sample said they would prefer that "none of the above" become the Democratic nominee when asked to choose among former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. In addition, the Democrats picked up three House seats.

If current vote totals hold, Democrats and Republicans will split California's 10th, 25th, 39th, 45th, 48th, and 49th districts, all of which were competitive districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

On Tuesday, the president telephoned House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, a conversation that her office said included congratulations and a nod to her pitch for bipartisanship.

But more investigations, Republicans note, could also blow back against the Democrats.

Early Wednesday, Trump warned Democrats against using their new majority to investigate his administration.

But the Senate was a killing field for Democrats, largely because of how unfavorable the Senate map was for them heading into election night. She talked about the historic nature of the election. More than 110 women candidates have been elected to Congress for the very first time in America's electoral history, which marks a major breakthrough in the country's male-dominated politics.

The seat, which includes parts of Charleston and the majority of South Carolina's coast, has been in Republican hands since 1981.

"We are in a battle". Thus, there was no Trump-inspired blue wave in Florida, but the state very probably will be hotly contested in two years.

Given the huge amount of energy being directed at such non-events such as Acosta-gate-did the CNN reporter manhandle a White House intern during a post-midterm press conference?-it's likely we as a country are choosing the latter. "That's a firewall", GOP volunteer James Murr said.

Democrats made significant inroads in both chambers of the Pennsylvania Legislature during Tuesday's election, but Republicans began the day with margins large enough to absorb those losses and still have comfortable governing majorities in both the House and Senate.

The result was broadly in line with what many analysts projected but makes for a confusing picture. Progressives such as Democratic Party candidate Beto O'Rourke, who had become a national sensation for his grassroot campaign in Texas, failed to unseat Republican Ted Cruz, while African American candidates such as Andrew Gillum and Stacy Abrams are expected to lose the governor race in Florida and neighboring Georgia, respectively.

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