Ariana Grande Stumbles and Falls During Performance on 'Ellen'

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Is Ariana Grande Rebooting the First Wives Club Reboot?

Grande gave her debut performance of "thank u, next" on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the First Wives Club-inspired set and costumes only upped her performance.

Ariana Grande has been dealing with a lot lately from the passing of her ex (Mac Miller) to her breakup with fiance, Pete Davidson.

The 25-year-old was decked out in white in homage to "The First Wives Club", which is said to be a favorite of hers.

Apparently Pete Davidson's statement on their split on Saturday Night Live didn't blindside Ariana Grande because she knew he would bring it up.

Ariana's dance routine was a tribute to the classic Hollywood film "First Wives Club", however Ari's chair stunt saw her stumble and nearly fall to the ground, as you can see in the video above.

Not surprisingly, she elides the song's chorus "I'm so f-ing grateful for my ex" to "I'm so, I'm so grateful" on "Ellen". Holding hands with my mama.

In addition to the trio's ensembles, the stage was outfitted as if for a wedding reception, with tables, chairs and full-on centerpieces all in white. But, clearly not anxious about having a very human, silly moment during a performance, since she carried on singing and couldn't stop from laughing as she sang. I'll be thanking my dad. Grande, who was recently named Billboard's Woman of the Year, later tweeted that her exes "heard it before it came out".

"I thought we were supposed to exit!"

Asked whether he learnt anything from the fellow singer following their romance, he added: 'It was a long time ago, so I suppose you just grow as a person.

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