Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Gets a Quieter Model With a Silent Launch

Sony's Stealth Released a New PS4 Pro Model, and It's Quieter

New PS4 Pro Uses Its Indoor Voice

A new version of Sony's Playstation 4 Pro has been rolled out and it includes one very important improvement: it's a lot quieter.

Analysis of the console's noise levels - done by entering photo mode during intro section of God of War and measuring noise at the top and rear of the units - found that the noise levels of the new console was several decibels lower than the original CUH-7100 models. That makes for a six-to-seven-decibel noise reduction from the launch model. Other than the power connector alterations with the figure-8 connector seen in the PlayStation 4 Slim and the Xbox One S, and the changes made to how the system runs audio-wise, the differences really do end there. As noted by Slash Gear, there's already been one revision to the PS4 Pro's launch model, and both reportedly suffer from "jet engine" fan noise.

A new version of the PS4 Pro has slipped out onto the shelves. Digital Foundry was even willing to dub the new Pro model "a discreet living room console". "But PlayStation 5 is still years away, and in the here and now, the CUH-7200 series is the best version of the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware on the market".

Expect to find the new PS4 Pro making its way into stores in the coming weeks or months into Christmas outside of that Red Dead offer - just look out for the CUH-7200 number on the box.

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