Porsche put the 8th gen 911 sports vehicle through rigorous testing

New Porsche 911: fresh images of 992 model released…

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We've also seen the new 911 in numerous spy shots, nearly completely free of any disguise, and now Porsche has released this media set of the 992 undergoing testing all willy-nilly.

The cat's pretty much out of the bag when it comes to the next generation Porsche 911 with recent spy photos revealing 99 percent of the exterior.

The home straight for the new Porsche 911, the eighth generation of the sports auto classic will be launched in Europe at the beginning of 2019.

The prototype 911 cars are moving between climate zones with temperature differences of up to 85-degrees Celsius, moving across elevation changes of more than four kilometers, and sitting in traffic in major cities. After all of this, every component of the vehicle must function just as reliably as it did at the outset.

The testing first focused on the brand's traditional core areas of expertise - a chassis and engines, which the company enhanced.

The home straight for the new Porsche 911: the eighth generation of the sports vehicle classic will come to European market at the beginning of 2019.

Finland where temperature dips under - 35 degree Celsius was picked as the solidifying area to test for chilly begin testing, warming footing, taking care of and braking conduct and additionally the reaction speed control system which are identified with the driving dynamics.

Other parts of the world where the mules have been sent to include the winding roads of the European Arctic Circle, endurance runs across China's roads, and race tracks with a traffic structure that is common for that country.

In Italy, the test cars were driven round the high-speed Nardò test tracks with a focus on top speeds, cooling and handling.

The vehicles reach their geographically lowest point in Death Valley, which descends to around 90 metres below sea level; while the thin air on Mount Evans, Colorado, with a height of 4,300 metres, challenges the biturbo charging and the fuel system.

Also worth mentioning that the Porsche company in honor of its 70th anniversary, has released a unique version of the model 911 (993) Turbo S. This vehicle exists in a single copy.

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