BMW 8 Series Convertible Revealed, Starts at $122,395

2019 BMW 8 Series Convertible Loses Its Roof, Still Looks Lovely

BMW Drops The Top On The All-New 8-Series Convertible

As most of you know, the original 8 Series (E31) never had a production convertible, despite BMW planning one at one point but chickening out after bean counters realized that the Cabrio was unlikely to recover its development costs. There is also a M Technic Sport Package available for the BMW 840d xDrive Convertible.

The rest of the design largely carries over from the M850i xDrive Coupe as drivers will find an aggressive front fascia with a wide grille that is flanked by adaptive LED headlights with laserlight technology.

Both are powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 tuned to deliver 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque, and the sole transmission is an 8-speed automatic. Being that the 8 Series is a convertible now, you'll need a little more protection in the form of aluminum safety bars behind your head in case of a rollover.

The convertible adds 100 kilograms to the coupe model and two-tenths of a second to the 0-100 kilometres per hour time. Those numbers are particularly impressive for the convertible as the auto weighs an SUV-like 4,736 pounds. It will also get to highway speeds in just 3.9 seconds. If it's not needed, though, the deflector can be folded up and stored in the trunk. Besides that, the soft roof has been through the scanner for shedding excess weight, minimising acoustic discomfort, and is also available in optional black or silver colours. Crucially, the 8-Series Convertible features automatic rollover bars that eject from behind the rear seats in case the vehicle detects a rollover.

The interior is a lot more upmarket than we're used to seeing in BMW models, which is natural since this is the automaker's flagship. Digital screens serve as the instrument cluster and infotainment hub and on the center console sit the gear lever and a rotary-dial controller.

The M850i comes standard with multifunction seats and Merino leather trim with extended features.

The 8 Series Convertible seats four people and has a boot volume of 350 litres, which although is not exactly great, there's a 50: 50 split/folding rear seat backrest that should come in handy.

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