Melania Trump Look-Alike in Provocative T.I

Melania Trump Look-Alike In T.I. Video Says She's Getting Death Threats

Melania Trump Look-Alike in Provocative T.I. Video Doesn't Think She Was 'Degrading' First Lady

In a video she shared on Instagram earlier in the week, she said once again that "there is no need for death threats", making fun of Melania while in character. Then it appears that a woman who represents Melania Trump enters the oval office wearing only her coats and the characteristic jacket that has caused reactions, and says: "I really do not care, you?"

First lady Melania Trump's plane has been forced to return to a Washington area military base because of smoke in the cabin.

Ultimately, both Melania Trump and her entourage boarded a second plane that departed two hours later than originally scheduled en route for Philadelphia, where it arrived without further incident. "Somebody was going to hit me with their auto". We are fine. Yes."Mrs Trump said she does not spend time thinking of her husband's alleged affairs since she has "much more important things to think about and to do".

The model who portrayed the first lady, Melanie Marden (pictured above on the left), is now speaking out about her performance, and she's calling it "brave". Somebody was going to take a baseball bat to me.

Once T.I.'s video was unearthed, Stephanie Grisham, spokeswoman for the first lady, dismissed it as unacceptable and "disgusting" and called for a boycott of the rapper. "Somebody wished me to get raped and then killed".

"It was an opportunity for me to step right outside my comfort zone and play the first lady - yes, naked, which I've never done before ..."

"Life is short. Relax, and be kind".

Journalists who flew with the first lady of the United States, said that he saw a thin plume of smoke in the cabin and felt the smell of burning. "Be Best", Marden added, in reference to Melania's anti-bullying campaign.

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