Painting of Trump and past Republican presidents draws mixed reactions

Trump's strange portrait with former GOP presidents has netizens in stitches

Trump heaped praise on the artist for the portrait but netizens weren't so kind

It's a print hanging in his office called "The Republican Club" that depicts Trump fraternizing with other U.S. presidents including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Abe Lincoln in a private club, the Daily Beast reports.

The painting depicts Trump and other Republican presidents from years past laughing around a table of drinks. Directly across the table is Abraham Lincoln. A cheery Gerald Ford stands behind Trump and a small variety of other former presidents, such as Grant and Coolidge, peep out from the backdrop.

"The Republican Club" is part of Thomas's series of politically bipartisan paintings, which include "The Democratic Club" and "Callin' the Blue: Republican Presidents Playing Pool".

But Thomas' attention to detail in the painting is commendable. Others have noted the similarly tiresome aesthetic style of Jon McNaughton's overzealous right-wing oil paintings.

President Donald Trump speaks during an interview with The Associated Press in the Oval Office of the White House, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018, in Washington.

It was a painting showing Mr Trump sitting in a Western style saloon bar, enjoying a joke and a diet coke with past Republican presidents.

Rep. Issa and Andy Thomas are indeed friends, and the Congressman has some of Andy's fine work in his office. The portrait that was also spotted in an image tweeted by 60 Minutes before their report featuring the interview shows the US President donning a stark white shirt and Republican red tie.

"We had a real nice conversation", Thomas recalls about his phone call with the president about the painting.

Issa, a Republican from California, is a fan of Thomas' work. We're looking at your painting. "Vice President Pence tells me they're very well known".

Thomas explained Trump was a "challenge to paint", because "even though he tans, he's a fair - has a fair complexion and no deep recesses".

President Trump had tweeted in August that McGahn would leave after Kavanaugh had been confirmed. Ronald Reagan, whose father was an alcoholic, sticks to something more fruity.

Many users compared the "faceless woman" in the background to a similar woman standing in the background of the Democrat painting. "And same way with the Democratic painting".

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