Watch this enormous alligator surprise golfers at a course in Florida

Credit Facebook  Sage Stryczny

Credit Facebook Sage Stryczny

Don't let anyone tell you that monsters don't exist.

A man playing a round last weekend spotted the imposing reptile, which is estimated to be a massive 15 feet in length.

Giant alligator whose length is at least 4.5 meters, again noticed on the Golf course in the USA city of Palmetto, Florida. "Me and my dad were about to hit off the tee on a par 3, and we saw him laying right on the green". At the time, Buffalo Creek general manager Ryan Henderson said a maintenance worker took the video of the gator who had lived on the course for 25 years.

Chubbs is a long-time resident of the course and is not considered a nuisance.

Officials say Chubbs has been roaming the course for years and has "never bothered anyone".

Club members went a step further in talking to WFLA-TV, saying they are "more than happy to have Chubbs grace their course, with staff previously claiming he is good for business". In this instance, he even stops for a nap on the fairway just before the green, and the golfers were able to carry on their round by just playing around him - at a safe distance of 50 feet.

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