Meghan and Harry delighted by unusual gift

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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October 15 saw Meghan Markle and Prince Harry embark on their 16-day royal tour of Australia.

On October 18, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended a surfer's reunion on Australia's famously lovely Bondi Beach. So when the five-year-old with Down syndrome met the couple at Dubbo Airport and pulled the royal ginger whiskers, no one much seemed to mind the breach of protocol, least of all the Duke.

She turned to Harry and said "we've got some veggies!", to which he replied: "Fantastic".

Prince Harry also spoke at the engagement, highlighting the strength of women and talking about how men should also participate in the fight for equality.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrived in Australia and headed straight to their vehicle after a long flight over from London.

We're still wishing that Prince Harry wore a neon ensemble. From attending Princess Eugenie's wedding, to heading off on their first royal tour as a married couple, to announcing they were having a baby, these royal newlyweds have had quite the busy schedule!

They have hugged countless fans, posed for selfies - with Harry even acting as photographer for at least one - and enchanted the public with their warm and intimate demeanours. "But [my mother] said, 'Flower, you will find your practice - just give it time.' In college, I started doing it more regularly".

"I was very resistant [to yoga] as a kid", Meghan told Best Health.

"I actually think it is unbelievable that she actually got to meet Harry and fall in love with him".

Gifts have been pouring in for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their trip to Australia.

Yes, even Prince Harry does yoga now.

The duchess is wearing another outfit by an Australian designer, this time choosing a striped dress by Martin Grant.

"Each and every one of us will experience poor mental health", Harry reportedly told the group.

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