United Nations vote raises Palestinians' status

Palestinians win UN backing to lead developing country bloc

U.N. allows Palestinians to act more like full member in 2019

Taking note of the Group of 77's decision to elect the State of Palestine as its chair for 2019, the Assembly chose to adopt several modalities for the State of Palestine's participation in the Assembly's sessions, work and the worldwide conferences convened under its auspices or other organs of the United Nations.

The resolution, which was put forward by the current G-77 head, Egypt, allows Palestine to function like a member when acting on behalf of the G-77, including making statements, and submitting and co-sponsoring proposals.

Since 2012, Palestine has been recognized by the U.N.as a "non-member state" similar to the Vatican; Tuesday's vote will allow Palestine to act more like a full United Nations member.

The 146 included some of the strongest Western allies of the United States, plus four of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council: UK, France, China and Russian Federation.

Australia said its vote against was in line with its longstanding stance that unilateral moves by the Palestinians are "deeply unhelpful" to a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian UN ambassador, said after the vote that Palestinians "will spare no effort to prove worthy of this trust" and defend G-77 interests while also engaging "with all partners I repeat with all partners in order to advance cooperation and mutually beneficial agreements for the common good of humanity".

In 2012, the United States voted against the resolution that upgraded the Palestinians to UN non-member observer state, arguing there should be no worldwide recognition for the Palestinians until progress is made in peace efforts with Israel.

The speaker for Israel said the Group of 77 is an important player in the development sphere of the United Nations and warned the Assembly that the resolution before it "only serves the interests of one delegation".

In the framework of article 125 of the 73rd session's agenda of the General Assembly, on enhancing the United Nations system, Egypt circulated a draft resolution on the presidency of G77 and China for 2019, which elected Palestine, an unregistered member of the United Nations organization.

UNITED NATIONS: The Palestinians won backing Tuesday to lead the biggest bloc of developing countries at the United Nations, raising their profile at the world body despite opposition from the United States. Achieving real peace requires the courage to sit down at the table and make compromises.

He said it was an expression of respect for the decision of the Group of 77 and China to elect the State of Palestine as its chair for the year 2019 by consensus, following the endorsement by the Asia-Pacific group of the State of Palestine's candidature, also by consensus.

The status upgrade has allowed them to participate in some General Assembly votes and join some global bodies. However, as a non-member state, the Palestinians can not speak in meetings until after member states, diplomats said. Australia remains firmly committed to a two-State solution, she said, urging all parties to return to negotiations.

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