The Royals Just Visited Bondi And Saw The Most Golden Pants Ever

Meghan Markle Has Already Made Inappropriate Outfit Choices On Her Royal Tour featured image

Is Meghan Markle traveling with a glam squad?

While Lady Kitty is close with cousin Prince Harry, and attended his wedding to Meghan Markle in May, it is unclear whether they will cross paths during their time in Australia.

The royal pair met a group practising yoga on the beach, and one of the locals, Nio Poniatowski, 25, told Daily Mail how Meghan loves to take part in the physical, mental, and spiritual practice because it keeps her "grounded".

One Wave encourages "people to share their experiences of living with mental health issues and the power of opening up using", according to Kensington Palace.

Meghan spoke to 35-year-old Charlotte Connell, a fellow expectant mother, during the circle with Charlotte later telling the media about her discussions with the Duchess on battling the exhaustion that comes with pregnancy.

"Woah, I was not expecting that", she then said. We both talked about how you feel jetlagged even though you have not travelled anywhere.

Prince Harry and the school students giggled along with the Duchess of Sussex after her startled moment which was captured on camera.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had both arrived at the beach wearing footwear but Harry went barefoot first, before Meghan chose to follow, handing her espadrilles to her husband. But, being the professional she is, she added she's doing "pretty well so far".

British royals Harry and Meghan kicked off their shoes and donned tropical garlands Friday, as they hit Sydney's famed Bondi beach for the latest stop on their Australian tour.

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