Bigg Boss 12: Romil and Deepak to manipulate Somi and Jasleen

Kim Sharma will reportedly enter Bigg Boss 12 along with another television star

Kim Sharma will reportedly enter Bigg Boss 12 along with another television star

Finding out the truth from a third person can break relationships.

As the first day of the task came to an end, Sreesanth was seen telling Jasleen and Urvashi that he was going out of the Bigg Boss house. The reunion changed the dynamics amongst the contestants leading formations of new groups. He kept on taunting and expressing his displeasure with Jasleen. Anup will be seen confronting Sourabh of getting close with Jasleen by massaging her.

In tonight's episode of Bigg Boss, the contestants will continue with this week's luxury budget task Ghoda Gadi. Dipika and Deepak were made contenders for captaincy and they were asked to be horse pullers while others were horses who would run for them. The contestant who covers the maximum distance on the treadmill would then qualify for the captaincy task. The Ghoda Gaadi wala with the maximum distance covered will be the victor and will be one of the contenders for captaincy. Which team do you think will win the task? Even Anup Jalota, who was there with Sreesanth in the secret room with Sreesanth has warned everyone by saying that Dipika is playing the best game in the house. During a task, Sreesanth blatantly supported Dipika Kakkar, and when Surbhi questioned, Sreesanth replied that his feud with Dipika is an old story. Not just this, fans feel that Neha was right (Sree needs mental strength) and Dipika was right (that he really wants to leave the house). Eventually, Dipika and Shivashish tried to calm him down. Recently, Neha Pendse spoke in an interview after her eviction and stated that she wouldn't wish to remark on the genuineness of Jasleen and Anup's connection, though she feels it isn't counterfeit. What is in store when Sree Santh & Anup Jalota further reveal people's intentions? Having played together initially, will the broken jodi's fight amongst themselves?

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