Mother uses body to shield baby from tennis ball-sized hail

Woman uses her body to shield baby during hailstorm lailasnews 4

Woman uses her body to shield baby during hailstorm

Despite the harrowing experience, her daughter and grandmother are "alright", Simpson said.

Queensland was hit with a super-cell storm that rained down tennis-ball-sized hail, leaving thousands without power.

Fiona Simpson, 23, was left with horrific bruising and cuts after hail blew out her auto windshield last week near Kingaroy, more than 200km north-west of Brisbane.

The storm got so intense two of her vehicle windows were smashed in by the hailstones.

The hail smashed another window and Fiona tried to cover her grandmother as well, who was also being pelted with the large stones.

From that moment on, Simpson used her body to shield her child from the ice pellets, some the size of tennis balls, that were coming into the vehicle.

"I jumped over the back seat, over her auto seat, holding my body over hers".

'I looked down and I could see she was screaming but I couldn't even hear her, that's how loud it was'.

Mother uses body to shield baby from tennis ball-sized hail
Mother who shielded baby from hail stones during supercell storm in line for bravery award

"My entire back, arms and head are badly bruised".

She said since her story was made public on Friday she's been inundated with hundreds of messages of support from around the world.

The young mother posted photos of her shocking injuries to Facebook.

In the Facebook post on Thursday she said: "I've learned my lesson today, never drive in a hail storm!"

"I wasn't driving very fast because I couldn't see very well..." We parked on the side of the road when the storm got to heavy...

After the storm subsided, Simpson drove to a nearby house, where residents called an ambulance. She told ABC that by the time the paramedics arrived, her body felt "numb".

People couldn't stop praising her and sending her love, wishing she recovers soon.

Fiona Simpson, a 23-year-old Australian woman from Queensland's Kingaroy town, went into full-blown mommy mode on Thursday as she threw herself on top of her four-month-old daughter to shield her from hail that was pouring through her busted auto windows. "I pulled over because it was just way too unsafe".

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