Trump suggests Mattis may be next to resign

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis speaks during a meeting with Greek Minister of Defense Panagiotis Kammenos at the Pentagon in Washington

Trump "60 Minutes" interview: President suggests Defense Secretary James Mattis could be next to leave Cabinet

"Well, I don't know; he hasn't told me that", Trump said when asked whether Mattis might be leaving his position.

Trump responded that while he won't pledge anything, he has "no intention of doing that".

"Trump is a refreshing reminder that the guy that's in the White House is another human being", says Louis Rossetto, the co-founder of Wired and author of the new book Change Is Good: A Story of the Heroic Era of the Internet.

What matters about Trump's first interview in nearly two years on what is by far the largest forum in TV news is the performance.

Stahl replied, "I disagree, but I don't wanna have that fight with you". "People leave. That's Washington". Just a year earlier, Trump had mocked Kim as "Little Rocket Man" while kim returned the insult, calling the president a "mentally deranged USA dotard".

It also reflects a White House headed by a president who is increasingly frustrated with his team, and more willing to follow his own counsel in matters of domestic and foreign policy.

("I don't want to hurt jobs", he explained.) Trump acknowledged that son-in-law Jared Kushner gave Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman a ring to personally inquire into the country's possible culpability and even murder of Khashoggi.

Trump said there are still "some people" in his administration that he is "not thrilled with". I will say this.

Stahl sought to stop the attack, saying, "I'm going to change the subject again". Questions about, say, North Korea, tariffs on China, climate change, and NATO were met with long bursts of Trumpian verbiage, spilling out so fast they seemed barely able to be edited. "I have a very good relationship with him", Trump explained.

He said he's entitled to staff shakeups and has "phenomenal" people on standby to come work for his administration.

Stahl has interviewed Trump as a candidate, as president elect and now as president. But I don't know that it's manmade. It was also quite clever in exposing what I am sure many citizens see as the arrogance of the press, with Stahl assuming the right to command a public pledge from the president.

60 Minutes: Do you want him to leave?

Stahl: No, it's like an embrace.

While Trump did not act in an openly hostile way toward Stahl, as he has to other journalists, he rarely let Stahl get out a full question, before jumping in to begin his answer or contradict her, meaning the transcript makes for fairly choppy reading. So he did not "get the job done".

The speculation that Trump and Mattis would eventually be at odds began shortly after the Defense Secretary took the oath of office. "I want them to negotiate a fair deal with us".

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