Michael Bublé announces his retirement from music after 'final interview'

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Michael Buble quits social media and talks 'retiring' from music

After a gruelling two years, the "Haven't Met You Yet" hitmaker recounted to the Daily Mail how hard his son's diagnosis was to deal with as a family. But the ordeal made the Grammy-winning singer question his entire career.

He said: "I don't have the stomach for it any more".

"And I've never lost control of my emotions in public", he said. "I decided I'd never use social media again, and I never have", adding that he got caught up in "celebrity narcissism". At the end of the interview, Michael revealed his heartbreaking decision.

"I'm retiring from the business", he said.

"I'm retiring from the business".

Micahel Buble's 10th studio album, "Love", may be his last. HollywoodLife has reached out to Michael's rep for a comment.

This news is not completely surprising after Buble opened up about how his son was diagnosed with liver cancer a few short years ago.

"My whole being's changed", he told journalist Chrissy Iley.

The singer said that he was finished with fame and the anxiety that comes along with it and he admitted that "just wanted to die" after he learned that Noah was sick.

"My wife was the same and even though I was the stronger of the two of us, I wasn't strong". Is this all there is? My perception of life.

In an emotional interview with the Daily Mail, the 43-year-old spoke about his son's illness led his "perception of life" to change. "When this bad news came in I realized I wasn't having fun in the music business", he shared.

"The diagnosis made me realise how stupid I'd been to worry about these unimportant things". That's why the singer, praised for his fusion of jazz and pop, chose to stop reading reviews.

Understandably, he was in no place to make new music during this time.

Michael had similar heartbreaking words just last week.

"I missed the guys in my band, so I said to them, "Come over to the house, let's drink, order pizza, play video games and jam". "I'd much rather it'd have been me".

In addition to Noah, the couple has a young son named Elias.

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