Pat Riley says he didn't curse out Tom Thibodeau on the phone

Report: Heat's Riley cussed out Wolves' Thibodeau

'Motherf--ker': The reason why Jimmy Butler trade talks imploded

The Butler Saga will continue to unfold in front of our eyes, with the Timberwolves' first regular season game on Wednesday, Oct. 17 against the Spurs.

Pat Riley of the Miami Heat.

The first incarnation of the trade reportedly featured Gorgui Dieng, who the Heat were reluctant to take back due to his massive contract that spans until 2021. Then the next incarnation of the deal was 'OK forget it, let's just do it straight up, just for Jimmy on your end.' They finally relented on Josh Richardson, they were giving them Josh Richardson, then Dion Waiters was going to be the cap filler, and then a protected first-round pick.

"The medicals were exchanged, which generally means this is a done deal", said Sedano on the Mason and Ireland radio show. The finalized version of the trade involving Richardson, Waiters, and a protected first-round pick was reportedly agreed to before Thibodeau chose to get greedy. "Man, I was a damn Tasmanian devil", Garnett told The Athletic in a phone interview. Thibodeau has said any deal must be in the best interest of the Timberwolves.

Just as trade talks between the Timberwolves and Heat broke down, Pat Riley had some parting words for Tom Thibodeau. "What goes on in practice should always stay in practice".

Butler, a four-time All-Star, told ESPN's Rachel Nichols that he has made it clear to Timberwolves management for months that he does not see a long-term future with the franchise.

Calling the Timberwolves Butler/Thibodeau saga a "s-t storm" is probably the most well said thing over the past few months by any National Basketball Association source. "For us it's early on and the challenge is not to get distracted, to get ready for the season". "I think Jimmy thinks his worth is a little more than what it is".

Time will tell in Minnesota.

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