Latest Boston Dynamics Video Proves The Robot Uprising Will Be Shockingly Nimble

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot doing parkour

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot doing parkour

Bad news, fellow meat bags.

The one ray of light in that jogging video was the fact that Atlas needed to stop running before jumping over a log.

The company states in the video that it is easy for Atlas robot to navigate 40cm tall platforms.

Atlas uses computer vision to locate its position in relation to objects, allowing it to approach and hit, or avoid, obstacles with accuracy.

Boston Dynamics has published another video showcasing its Atlas robot and the new skills it has acquired. No commercial or private outcome has ever been disclosed, so at this point it seems the engineers are still simply working on making the most mobile humanoid robot they can.

Looks like that Boston Dynamics robot is spending too much time on Instagram watching the kids do the parkour. Atlas has its performance improved a lot since its debut where its ability to march through the woods was shown. But thanks to advancements in software and processing power, the robot can now use its legs, arms, and torso to drive its jumps and for balancing. There's a lack of clarity in what Atlas will actually do for humanity: will he rescue people in situations too unsafe for humans?

Until someone can explain to me what the function of this parkour robot is, I have no choice but to assume that it's training to kill us all and wipe out humanity.

But the improvements made by Boston Dynamics this time is truly incredible.

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