Four more areas of Knox County test positive for West Nile virus

West Nile mosquito

Pennsylvania is having its worst outbreak of West Nile virus in 15 years | News

Following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocol, the Knox County Health Department will spray for mosquitoes in these areas on Thursday, Oct. 11 between 8:30 p.m. and 2 a.m., weather permitting, to reduce the Culex mosquito population and the risk of WNV spreading to humans, with follow-up sprayings on Oct. 25. The symptoms typically last only a few days.

The person who died was a San Fernando Valley resident who was hospitalized in early September and died from "West Nile virus-associated neuro-invasive disease", according to the county Department of Public Health. A record 27 deaths were documented among L.A. County's 268 cases previous year. That figure excludes Long Beach and Pasadena because cases in those cities are reported by their local health departments, authorities said. He also warned others that we must not forget how serious this disease really is.

Those who are older than 60 and those with weakened immune systems are at higher risk for severe illness from West Nile virus. The symptoms are very easy to see, as this virus usually provokes fever.

Since West Nile is spread to people by infected mosquitoes, health officials urge getting rid of standing water sources around the home that can be mosquito breeding areas, checking window and door screens for holes, and covering up and using insect repellent outdoors.

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