Judges on the Ballot

GOP leadership disagrees on whether they’d try to confirm a Supreme Court justice in 2020

Battle won, Brett Kavanaugh gets down to business

Trump has a busy campaign schedule to spread the word that the allegations against Kavanaugh were a "hoax that was set up by the Democrats" at what he's called a risky time for men who can be falsely accused.

Senate Democratic leaders defended the decision as an obvious one. The majority of Democrats align themselves with the pro-choice movement - a woman's right to govern her own body - while most Republicans see themselves as pro-life - that life starts at conception.

Democrats agreed to swallow the additional nominations to free up their vulnerable members to campaign full time for the next three weeks. "Sixty-one percent of Democrats and Democratic leaners and 58 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners say they are more enthusiastic about voting in November compared to prior elections", Gallup reported.

By Thursday night, Senate Republicans had used a narrow majority to confirm 29 appeals court judges nominated by Trump, far more than any other president since the creation of the regional circuit court system in 1891. And after last week's near-party-line Supreme Court vote, they have secured a conservative majority on the court that could last for a generation.

"The Democrats are willing to do anything, to hurt anyone, to get the power they so desperately crave", Trump said at a rally in Minnesota last week.

"I think that for Utah embracing Trump is embracing lying and cheating and incivility and I don't think most Utahns are OK with that", Thomas said.

When they return in mid-November, both chambers must settle a long-standing dispute over funding that Trump wants for a wall along the Southwestern border and other border security provisions.

The confirmation process of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh revealed the depths of their depravity. Sen. That's apparently fine by most voters ― just 26 percent said they wanted to see candidates spending more time talking about the court, compared to the 47 percent who said they wanted to hear more about health care. They've aimed it in recent days at Sen. That crowd, which dwarfed the hundreds or several thousand anti-Kavanaugh demonstrators, vented anger at times, shouting "Liar, liar" and waving sings including one saying, "Bury Obama Care with Kennedy", a reference to Sen.

At Monday's East Room ceremony, Trump again invoked the rhetoric Republicans are using to frame the whole episode: Kavanaugh, Trump said, had been "proven innocent", even though critics say the investigation was not thorough enough to merit that conclusion.

The complaints were initially filed with the federal appeals court in Washington DC, where Kavanaugh served for the last 12 years before being confirmed to the US Supreme Court on Saturday.

He also criticized former Attorney General Eric Holder. And he pointedly noted that these activities followed last year's shooting of GOP lawmakers at a morning baseball practice by "a politically crazed gunman".

"It's turned our base on fire", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.

James Hodgkinson, who was killed at the scene by officers, was infuriated by President Donald Trump's election, his widow has said. His social media posts suggest he targeted Republicans because of his political views.

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