Donald Trump welcomes Kanye West to the Oval Office

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In December 2016, West was one of the many faces to appear at Trump Tower in New York City for an audience with the president-elect. Trump later tweeted in support of the shocking move. "I think it would be cool to have Trump factories", he suggested.

At least Trump handled West's bad idea. dare I say, gracefully?

West, a long-time Trump supporter, also decried the allegedly widespread expectation that all black people should be Democrats. West launched into a soliloquy-peppered with occasional curse words-about his own upbringing, violence in Chicago and his unapologetic backing of a president who has found tepid support among other entertainers or black Americans. "The problem is illegal guns, illegal guns is the problem", he said.

"There are people in jail for really long terms", Trump said in an interview with Fox News. But he said "this hat, it gives me power".

The politician and attorney continued, "Just the other day, [West] was talking about STEM programs and how we needed to have more STEM programs and had to turn around and ask his colleague, what did STEM mean?"

I know we joke a lot about the impending apocalypse, but it's awfully hard to ignore the omnipresent signs of impending doom. I didn't rank them in any set order, because how in the world would you even do that? I love everyone, right?

Asked if he would consider campaigning with the rapper, Trump said: "I could see it".

For more than 10 minutes Thursday, President Trump was struck almost speechless as rapper, activist, entrepreneur and MAGA-hat wearing, Trump-loving, dragon-energy exuding Kanye West held forth in an Oval Office soliloquy that included an f-bomb, references to male genitalia and a presidential hug that looked more like a mauling. That's my favorite super hero. "When I put this hat on I felt like Superman", he told Trump.

As he concluded, he rose to walk around the desk.

Trump said West is a friend and a "different kind of a guy" whose big following in the African-American community helped boost his approval ratings.

This is the second time West and Trump have met.

In an extraordinary, mostly uninterrupted rant, West said that he was recently diagnosed as being bipolar, but he insisted the diagnosis was wrong and that he was merely sleep-deprived.

West, slouched in a chair facing the president, called himself a "crazy mother- (expletive)" and rued the "bull- (expletive)" the president endures.

Complaining about prison sentences, West said that people fall through a "trap door" and "end up next to the Unabomber". After the spectacle, they had a lunch of roasted chicken, fingerling potatoes, and sautéed asparagus.

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