Aer Lingus cancel a number of flights due to Storm Callum

Storm Callum How will bad weather affect the UK

Met Office issues upgraded amber alert for Cardigan area

There is a wind warning in place from 3am to midnight on Friday, which covers Northern Ireland and parts of Western Scotland and warns of gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour in some places, with the potential for gusts of 70 miles per hour around exposed coasts and hills.

Local Social Media weather expert Louth Weather has warned that Storm Callum has the potential to cause damage upon its arrival later tonight and early tomorrow morning.

The Met Office has issued a series of weather warnings stretching from the north-west coast of Scotland to Land's End, including Northern Ireland, while a number of flood warnings and alerts are in force across south-west England and south Wales.

Much of the United Kingdom will experience some heavy rain on Friday, with further spells at times during Saturday, as Storm Callum passes to the northwest of the UK.

Any and all decisions about school closures will be informed by, as well as prevailing and predicted conditions, any damage that might have been caused to school buildings overnight or at any time during the storm, and whether such damage, - where it exists, - might present a risk to child safety.

"Further warnings were considered across parts of the south and east later Friday, owing to another swathe of wind and rain".

On Saturday, areas over high ground could see a further 50 to 80mm of rain.

The Met Office is also warning of possible disruption to transport services.

The high winds, combined with heavy rain, could see leaves and other debris blocking drains, making flooding more likely. That's quite a substantial amount of rain to come and could bring flooding'.

"Control of a vehicle may be affected by strong cross winds".

Arriva Trains Wales is planning to shut the line between 7am and 11am on Friday morning and in the evening.

'We also have yellow and amber warnings of between 50mm and 150mm of rain for Wales.

While heavy rain is expected to continue into the Saturday, the wind is now believed to ease off by Friday evening.

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