Trump claims Kavanaugh 'proven innocent' of sexual assault allegations

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump’s Swearing-In Ceremony Of Brett Kavanaugh

Trump claims Kavanaugh 'proven innocent' of sexual assault allegations

Over a dozen complaints - some from Democratic partisan groups - about statements Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh made during his confirmation hearings were referred to federal judges in Colorado by Chief Justice John Roberts Wednesday.

"Trump called the protests "phony stuff" and even gave a special shout-out to the FBI's so-called investigation of Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault accusation against Kavanaugh", he said, adding, "Wait, is this the same FBI that's doing the 'witch hunt?' Because I thought they were... oh, never mind, nothing means anything anymore". According to a source familiar, Henderson dismissed some allegations because she found they lacked sufficient evidence but chose to forward others along.

ONE OF THE LETTER'S 107 SIGNATORIES is Democrat Elissa Slotkin, a top Pentagon official during the Obama administration who is challenging Rep. Mike Bishop (R., Mich.) in a suburban Detroit district.

He said: "The Senate confirmation process was contentious and emotional". My focus now is to be the best justice I can be. With midterm elections looming, he cut straight to the jugular, saying: "On behalf of our nation, I want to apologise to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the awful pain and suffering you have been forced to endure".

Ever since Roe v Wade, the country has been split, again, down party lines.

Democratic aides acknowledge that their legislative hopes will likely be dashed by a Republican-controlled Senate, should the GOP keep control of that chamber, as well as President Trump.

But Democrat supporters, particularly women, are also energised and hoping to take over both houses. If this should happen, Trump is headed for political purgatory and possible impeachment.

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