‘Squadron 42’ Gets A Star-Studded New Trailer

Star Citizen CitizenCon – New Features Detailed

CitizenCon 2018: Star Citizen 3.3 update launches to backers, features technical milestone

Cloud Imperium's single-player counterpart to Star Citizen is debatably just as ambitious as the main game, resulting in a lengthy development. They are both massive technical milestones and major pieces of backbone tech for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 that we've been working on for well over a year. It boasts an impressive cast in Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong, Andy Serkis and John Rhys-Davies (yup, serious Wing Commander vibes afoot). Starting off as a rookie combat pilot, players will initially face off against outlaws in the Odin Munitions Corporation (OMC), while the trailer quickly establishes that there is a much larger enemy on its way. Star Citizen is having its annual event gathering with fans and backers as well as the makers of the game to showcase the latest details that will be shipping shortly in version 3.3 which is now in testing with the advanced Evocati test group.

Co-developed with Faceware Technologies, "Face and Voice over IP" allows players to connect their webcams and control their in-game character's facial expressions with their own, creating a new level of immersion never before seen in video games. "Finally, the update also added new 'Scramble Race" missions that pit players against each other in high-octane races across Star Citizen's massive moons.

In case you'd forgotten, Squadron 42 is the singleplayer offshoot/companion campaign to Star Citizen. Apparently it will be capable of ferrying large teams of players as well as ground vehicles and will be immediately flyable with the release without having the usual concept sale a long time before it gets put into game. That being said, Squadron 42 is shaping up nicely and does have me intrigued.

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