Selena Gomez 'receiving mental health treatment after suffering emotional breakdown'

Selena Gomez

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After suffering from apparent mental breakdown, the singer, who underwent kidney transplant previous year, is presently being treated at a mental facility.

A disheveled Justin Bieber pulled up to church, alone, right after news broke that Selena Gomez reportedly suffered a "breakdown" during a hospitalization for her low white blood cell count on October 10. The outlet reports that Gomez received medical attention at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles after her white blood cell count became increasingly low. When her low count continued into the next month, she reportedly was checked into the hospital once again.

According to TMZ she tried to leave the hospital but doctors insisted she couldn't in her condition.

'Kindness and encouragement only for a bit! They continued to say she "freaked out" and attempted to pry IV's from her arms, and sources called it an "emotional breakdown". Currently, Gomez is on the East Coast and receiving dialectical behavior therapy - also known as DBT. Soon after, she left all social media channels.

She took yet another self-enforced break from social media at the end of September, saying she wanted to step back and feel grateful "for the moment she'd been given".

Selena also battles depression and anxiety, which she revealed during Instagram Live sessions on September 21 and 22. Just remember - negative comments can hurt anybody's feelings.

Days earlier she opened up to fans in an hour-long Instagram Live session, in which she revealed 'depression was my life 'for five years straight'.

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