Scientists say Mount Vesuvius made people's heads explode

Pompeii Eruption had Devastating Effects

Scientists say Mount Vesuvius made people's heads explode

As the archaeologists note in their article, previous studies have suggested that those who were killed by Mount Vesuvius probably died instantly, but the hypothesis that at least some of them had their blood boiled and their skulls internally exploded still sounds like a pretty awful way to go out.

"Here we show for the first time convincing experimental evidence suggesting the rapid vaporisation of body fluids and soft tissues of the 79AD Herculaneum victims at death by exposure to extreme heat", from the Federico II University Hospital in Italy.

According to the study, Mount Vesuvius volcanic eruption killed people within its vicinity by vaporizing their blood due to the high temperatures of the air and by exploding their heads because of the high pressure.

The Mount Vesuvius explosion decimated nearby towns and killed thousands of people. "Archaeologists also recently unearthed the final resting place of an ancient racehorse among the ruins of Pompeii.Vesuvius, which is the only active volcano on mainland Europe, experienced its last serious eruption in 1944, according to LiveScience.The Associated Press and Fox News" James Rogers contributed to this article. Their blood would have boiled and their skulls would have exploded.

When the town of Herculaneum was hit, 300 people took shelter in 12 waterfront chambers located along the beach.

As found by the Italian researchers, the inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and the microspectroscopy exams, that residue are containing iron and iron oxides.

In addition, it was found that ash nearly immediately replaced the evaporated brains of the victims.

'The presence of such an ash cast in all victims, even those showing minor heat effects, provides evidence that the surge was sufficiently hot and fluid to penetrate the intracranial cavity soon after soft tissues and organic fluids disappeared. The researchers also believed that ash quickly replaced the flesh in their muscles.

The study suggested that temperatures reached as high as 400 to 500 degrees Celsius, or 750 to 930 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is any consolation, the victims died instantly from the heat, and did not have to suffer from choking on the ash expelled by the eruption.

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