PM announced Naya Pakistan Housing Project

Cricket star-turned Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan speaks after voting in the general election in Islamabad

Cricket star-turned Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan speaks after voting in the general election in Islamabad

We need to know as we have to borrow more loan to return the instalments, ' Prime Minister Imran Khan wondered. Our government has just come in and we have been forced to take loans to pay off the loans that they [the previous governments] took.

Referring to the launch of his ambitious Naya Pakistan Housing Program, the Prime Minister said the entire administrative structure for the project would be completed on priority and it would not only generate economic activity but also add new entrepreneurs, increase skills of the workers and create employment.

Assuring that the harsh times won't last long, he asked the nation to stay strong.

He said his government would make efforts to ensure that all remittances are transferred into the country through proper banking channels. "The only misfortune is that there has been a lack of good management", he added.

According to Naya Pakistan Housing Project, Five million houses will be provided to low-income people and This initiative is to help poor of having their own shelter. Did we build a dam?

He announced formation of a Naya Pakistan Housing Authority to serve as one window for all construction related formalities. A task force would look after the housing project until then.

The prime minister said in the first phase pilot projects would be launched in seven districts of the country.

Registration for the houses will begin from Thursday with the cooperation of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), which has been tasked with collecting data to identify those in need.

Areas where low-priced houses can be built, will also be identified.

Sources further said that the houses would be constructed on public-private partnership mode and the private sector will be included in the project in a transparent manner. Over half of Karachi lives in areas that started as slums. He said that after reviewing worldwide models, high-rise buildings, having all basic facilities would be constructed and the owners would have full property rights.

"This analysis is also important as our government, which sees that the country is already in debt, will have to think twice about taking more loans".

Speaking at the ceremony, the premier said the government is committed to ensuring provision of five million affordable houses for under-privileged classes during the next five years.

The government has made a decision to provide houses to the people on easy installments.

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