Jamie Lee Curtis claps back at Fox News' misguided tweets on guns

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Twitter Schools Fox News On ‘What Movies Are’ After Gun Story Knocks Jamie Lee Curtis

Although if Jamie Lee Curtis is ever being stalked by a vicious serial killer in real life, she too, may opt to reach for a gun.

On Wednesday, Fox News shared a truly dumb take about Curtis, star of the Halloween re-boot.

People on Twitter poked fun at Fox News over an online article that appeared to criticize gun control-campaigning actor Jamie Lee Curtis for brandishing a firearm in her new movie "Halloween".

The article notes that at one point in the film, which opens nationwide next week, Curtis's character Laurie Strode is seen firing a gun at the ubiquitous villain Michael Myers as he's standing in front of a window. "I was very clear with the filmmakers that she used the weapons (that) were intended for self-defense for her and her family".

Curtis acknowledged she wants assault weapons and bump stocks to be banned. And fully support the Second Amendment. "And they have to renew their license just like we do with automobiles - which are weapons also".

The writer seems to totally misunderstand what gun control and gun reform mean, stating that Curtis is "preaching against them". Not that of her character. "I'm an actress who's in slasher movies", she said plainly. She added: "If I had made my career as a pacifist actor, I would never have worked, ever".

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