J.K. Rowling Just Made A Revelation About Quidditch That Changes Everything

J.K. Rowling's response to this tweet about Quidditch gets very brutal, very fast

JK Rowling explains the deep reason behind Quidditch scoring in Harry Potter

Harry Potter mastermind/author J.K. Rowling has been dropping some Sirius (heh) knowledge on Twitter recently, driving HP fans wild by confirming fan theories about Hermione's name and answering questions about Nagini the snake. Because she is definitely 100% done it.

Big Harry Potter fans will know that Quidditch has something of an unusual scoring system - teams get 10 points for scoring a goal with the red Quaffle but if the Seeker catches the Golden Snitch they end the game and score 150 points for their team - meaning they nearly always win.

On the plus side, you know you've created a memorable fictional sport when people are still discussing its finer points over 20 years after you first wrote about it. Quidditch is the human condition.

"You're welcome", Rowling curtly ended the post.

Until now, the idea that catching the Snitch, earning 150 points and almost always winning the game as a result of this has baffled fans - but for JK, there's actually a pretty simple (and deep) reason behind it. Each team also has one player (the Seeker) in charge of chasing a tiny golden ball (the Golden Snitch). If the Snitch is caught, the team wins 150 points, which typically ends/wins the game.

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