Destiny 2's Halloween festivities include a Haunted Forest

Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost will revitalize the Infinite Forest, add new quests and cosmetics

Destiny 2's Halloween festivities include a Haunted Forest

Bungie has posted an extensive preview of the upcoming Destiny 2 in-game event called Festival of the Lost.

The event also introduces the Haunted Forest, a challenge that will give Guardians 15 minutes to fight as far through as they can, facing progressively tougher foes. Solo players and fireteams will have 15 minutes to get as far into the forest as they can, taking on increasingly hard enemies as they go.

The Eververse store will also offer unique ghost shells, ships and sparrows during the festival, which you can get a sneak peek at above.

Amanda Holliday, the shipwright at the Tower, has been charged with leading the general festivities during Festival of the Lost.

Announced over at, Festival of the Lost begins on Tuesday, October 16 for all players in Destiny 2 regardless of whether they are up to date with the latest DLC.

Though the Haunted Forest is likely set in Mercury's Infinite Forest, Bungie has confirmed that all players will be able to participate in it - the Haunted Forest will not require the Curse of Osiris expansion, and will be accessible via a "different node".

New cosmetics are up-for-grabs for players who earn Ephemeral Engrams. These can be used to purchase Festival gear, including masks and a Legendary Auto Rifle, Horror Story. This engram rewards items specific to the Festival of the Lost event and will also be using the item knock-out mechanic now in place. Your goal is to dive as deep as possible during that time, with enemies growing more hard as you descend. It is playable solo, with a pre-made fireteam, or through matchmaking. Someone has snuffed out Master Ives, who you may remember from the original Destiny as the Vestian Outpost's Cryptarch, and it's your Guardian's job to track down the murderer (not like anybody else ever does anything around here). The pursuit will take place through a quest line, which adds an additional, powerful reward for players to earn each week.

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