DC's Secret Six in the Works as TV Series at CBS

DC Comics Secret Six CBS

Variety reports a Secret Six television series from DC Comics is currently in the works at CBS

It's really easy to see how the overall Secret Six idea could translate into CBS' plug-and-play procedural formula, and we wouldn't expect to see anyone in costume on this show, let alone for it to exist as part of any now existing shared DC TV universe (the Multiverse, however, is another story entirely). Fox is now in production of it's last season of Gotham as well as Syfy working on the second season of Krypton.

One of those 5 shows now on The CW is Supergirl which originally aired on CBS.

DC Comics' Secret Six is in development for television at CBS with a production commitment, according to Variety.

Deadline reports that the team, comprised of six DC antiheroes, will be getting their own show from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence. The team has been composed of several different characters in the past including Bane, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, the Mad Hatter, and the Penguin to name a few. There is no word yet, however, on which characters would appear in the series.

Speaking of writers the series will be written by Rick Muirragui.

Muirragui executive produces with Doozer Productions' Lawrence and Jeff Ingold. The series will be produced by Warner Bros.

While Secret Six is a flexible concept, we can't help but be a little disappointed that we're likely to see a pretty stripped down version of the team on TV. DC also launched the streaming service DC Universe in September, with its first live-action offering "Titans" set to launch on October 12.

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