Cause Of Death Determined For Jonathan Davis' Wife

Deven Davis - wife of Korn singer Jonathan Davis - died from the combined effects of 5 different types of drugs.

Deven had been living in a sober home but hadn't been seen for a week when she was found dead in Bakersfield, California. Her system contained traces of cocaine, heroin, clonazepam (better known as the anxiety medication Kolonopin), fluoxatine (Prozac), and topiramate (meidcation for nerve pain).

Court documents from Jonathan stated that Deven was dependent on both prescription and illegal drugs.

The same August day her death was reported, Jonathan had filed a domestic violence restraining order against his wife. When she was her true self, she was an fantastic wife, wonderful mother and incredible friend.

Our hearts go out to Jonathan and all of his and Deven's loved ones. She was an incredibly nurturing, giving, loving and hilarious person. She is the reason I have advocated so hard for those struggling with their mental health.

The vocalist said he wanted Deven's story to "inspire people to reach out for help and not to be afraid or hide from their illness".

The couple shared two children - Pirate and Zeppelin.

A judge issued a temporary order blocking any child custody or visitation by Deven, who was even unable from seeing the family's dog, Chaos, through the order.

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