Amazon Shut Down Recruiting AI for Sexist Results

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos

Amazon disbanded a team which accidentally made a sexist algorithm to filter job applicants Credit Michael Reynolds

KILLED a secret artificial intelligent (AI) powered tool it uses for recruitment due to the tech's hate of women.

According to Reuters, which cited five people familiar with the program, the program was developed in 2014 with the goal to score job candidates based on their resumes.

However, after examining patterns from submitted applications over 10 years, most of which were from men, the system started penalizing women.

But the system was found to be penalising CVs with the word "women" in them, such as an applicant putting that they were the woman's chess club captain, for example.

Stevie Buckley, the co-founder of United Kingdom job website Honest Work, which is used by companies such as Snapchat to recruit for technology roles, said that "the basic premise of expecting a machine to identify strong job applicants based on historic hiring practices at your company is a surefire method to rapidly scale inherent bias and discriminatory recruitment practices". They did not specify the names of the schools.

The algorithm's gender discrimination issues became apparent about a year into the project and, despite the engineers' best efforts to weed out the discriminatory bugs, it was eventually abandoned last year for not returning strong-enough candidates ('cause no women, amirite?).

Luckily, the project was only ever used in a trial phase, was never rolled out to a larger group, and was never relied upon as the sole hiring agent.

While Amazon was able to edit the program to make it neutral to these terms, there was no way of knowing if the machines would still be discriminatory.

An Amazon spokesman declined to comment to Fox News for this story.

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