Amazon unveils new Echo smart home devices in India

​Amazon Alexa outage: Digital assistant service suffers 'system issues'

Widespread outage of Amazon's Alexa sparks debate of smart home viability

Amazon has placed a lot of emphasis on its Alexa virtual assistant recently, launching a plethora of Echo devices during a surprise event.

The new Echo devices are now available for pre-order on and can be experienced first-hand, exclusively at the "Amazon Festive Home".

That's all it takes to get WRAL News on Google Home. It will be available in three colours, black, grey and white starting at Rs 4,499. Usually the outage affects more than just the Alexa voice assistant, however, and that appears to be the case once again.

At the base of either unit you'll find a couple of ports, one for charging and a 3.5mm jack that allows additional speakers to be attached.

As you can see here, the new Echo Dot gets a big makeover from its predecessor. Hulu is home to several high profile cooking shows, as well as Food Network, making its Echo Show support particularly welcome.

Amazon actually offers a package deal at the moment that includes two Echo Plus (2nd Gen) and an Echo Sub all for £299.97/US$329.97. Arriving sometime next year in India, the Echo Show is an update to last year's model and now features a larger 10-inch display, improved dual-firing, side-by-side 2-inch speakers and real-time Dolby processing. Users can also connect the Echo Input with other speakers via Bluetooth which will make it an Alexa-enabled smart speaker.

It is not immediately clear as to when Amazon will launch the other Echo speakers in India. Available in same colour options as the Echo Dot, the Echo comes with 360-degree omnidirectional immersive audio.

This comes as Amazon announced new Echo devices and even an Echo built for cars that will let you stream your media in your auto as you would at home.

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