Thai police arrest suspects responsible for killing British billionaire, wife

Alan Hogg 64 and wife Nott 61

VIRAL PRESS COUPLE Millionaire Alan Hogg and wife Nott are missing in Thailand

Three men have confessed to the murder of a missing couple - a British expat and his Thai wife - in Phrae. Blood was found on the walls of the mansion.

There were signs someone had tried to wipe it away and the couple's brand new white Ford Ranger pick-up truck had been stolen.

Thai police discovered the bodies of Alan Hogg, 64, and his wife Nott buried in the garden of their three-storey farmhouse in Phrae district, 120 miles south-east of Chiang Mai.

Bia Kamsai and Kittipong Kamwan, both 27, describe the killings as a paid hit organised by Nott's brother, Warut Satchakit, claiming he paid them 50,000 baht (£, 1,170) to carry out the murders, supposedly motivated by a family feud.

Police arrested Satchakit on Monday after CCTV footage showed him entering the couple's home on Thursday morning and driving away their auto.

He was charged with theft and released on bail - but has since fled.

Cops are reviewing CCTV footage of the brother entering the property on September 19th. The couple's daughter, Robyn, flew to Thailand from the United Kingdom over the weekend to assist the search.

On Tuesday morning, police stated they had arrested three men who had admitted killing the couple and burying their bodies away from the house. Officers are working on the investigation day and night.

He also worked as an offshore construction manager and moved to Thailand several years ago after doing engineer work in Australia.

Neighbours described Mr Hogg's wife as "the most lovely woman in the town".

'The couple disappeared without any clues. We are trying to track the vehicle because there is no trace of it.

Over the weekend, police Major-General Sanpat Praputsra told reporters that investigators were "certain" that the disappearances were connected to a "long-standing conflict within the family" and that they were "confident" the culprit would be brought to justice. We can not find any other situations that are likely to have caused this. He was still involved with a number of businesses in the UK. They told local media that he was a "millionaire".

Items found at the house were collected by the police as evidence. He said he was only on the grounds of the property to take the vehicle.

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