Second woman accuses US Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault

Brett Kavanaugh

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They could also use Republican staff attorneys on the committee.

Speaking in NY, where he is attending the U.N. General Assembly this week, Trump said the allegations against Kavanaugh are "totally political".

In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Kavanaugh said he "will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process".

As Judge Brett Kavanaugh faces another allegation of sexual misconduct by a woman claiming he exposed himself to her at a party when they were both students at Yale University in the 1980s, President Trump is sticking by his pick to fill the vacancy on the United States Supreme Court, telling reporters Monday morning, "I am with him all the way".

For instance, Judge Clarence Thomas, who was nominated by George H W Bush, has been a Supreme Court judge for almost 27 years and Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was nominated by the then president Bill Clinton, has served on the bench for over 25 years.

A second woman has reportedly accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, a charge that can further complicate the confirmation process of US President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee. Avenatti turned the details up a notch, alleging that Kavanaugh and classmates would ply women with drugs and alcohol in order to "allow a "train' of men to subsequently gang rape them".

It had seemed assured before Ford, a 51-year-old California college professor, went public a week ago with her allegation that Kavanaugh assaulted her at a party when they were in high school.

Trump made clear on Monday he considered the allegations politically motivated. It never came up. Ford says she feared Kavanaugh might inadvertently kill her before she managed to get away.

"It's important to me that you personally know how honest and thorough this effort has been, including my commitment to make sure committee members and other senators are able to hear directly from you", Grassley wrote.

She says at one point, a plastic penis was pointed in her direction by one man, and later another exposed himself directly. It's not accurate to say those who knew him at the time dispute this. And in the end senators will make their choice. The burden is on the nominee, she says, "to establish that he or she should be trusted with this enormous power".

The new information came hours after the Senate committee agreed to a date and time for a hearing after almost a week of uncertainty over whether Ford would appear to tell her story.

Deborah Ramirez attended Yale University with Brett Kavanaugh. First it was an anonymous allegation that I categorically and unequivocally denied.

The agreement and the latest accusation set the stage for a dramatic showdown as Kavanaugh and Ford each tell their side of the story.

"I think he's an outstanding man". It could have emerged much earlier. "I think this is abnormal". Christine Blasey Ford identified herself last Sunday as the woman who sent a confidential letter in late July to Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) and Sen.

Trump said that he would probably not be able to convince Democrats to vote for Kavanaugh, which means he would need the support of nearly every Republican in the Senate.

"Democrats have signaled for months they'd put on whatever performance the far left's special interests demanded, and throw all the mud, all the mud they could manufacture", he said near the beginning, but that "even by the far left's standards, this shameful, shameful smear campaign has hit a new low".

A tweeted video of a crowd taking part in the walkout at the U.S. Senate building, where protestors were arrested in the Russell rotunda, had more than 25,000 views and a slew of comments, including, "As a victim, let me humbly & sincerely thank you for your advocacy".

"Laura Bassett / HuffPost In New York, people wearing black gathered in Washington Square Park, chanting, "Believe survivors" and holding signs that read, "#TimesUp Kavanaugh".

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