Dolphins Player Tore ACL Trying to Avoid Roughing the Passer Penalty

Richard Sherman NFL doesn't care about safety of non-QBs

Richard Sherman NFL doesn't care about safety of non-QBs

The Miami Dolphins will be without William Hayes for the remainder of the season due to a torn ACL.

It happened, according to coach Adam Gase, because of the referees' point of emphasis that says it's a 15-yard penalty to land with your body weight on the quarterback.

Hayes tore his anterior cruciate ligaments in Sunday's victory over the Oakland Raiders as he sacked quarterback Derek Carr. Your foot plants awkwardly into the ground for a half-second, and boom.

Hayes leads the Dolphins with two sacks this season.

Plenty of negative externalities have already sprung forth from the NFL's bizarrely misguided new policies on contact, particularly when it comes to how defensive players tackle quarterbacks. Packers linebacker Clay Matthews has been hit with questionable calls in all three of Green Bay's games. He immediately writhes in pain on the ground, favoring his right knee before being helped off the field and into the locker room with a pair of trainers.

"It hurts", Gase said, later adding, "That's going to be tough one for us to swallow".

Hayes is one of the Dolphins' top defenders, and his loss is a significant blow for a team off to a surprising 3-0 start. Gase did not elaborate on whether he thought the new rule caused Hayes's injury.

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