Amazon Echo Dot (2018) hands on review: the flawless Echo entry point

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The other product spotted is the Amazon Smart Plug, which allows you to add Alexa voice control to any electrical socket.

Underscoring the company's intent, Tom Taylor, senior vice president for Amazon Alexa, said in a press release today: "We want you to have access to Alexa everywhere-in your kitchen, in your living room, in your office, and now in your auto or truck". Three other Echo products - Echo Auto, Echo Link, Echo Link Amp - were also launched but they aren't coming to India just yet. And it added the Echo Sub and the $299.99 (226 pounds) Echo Link Amp, focused on creating better entertainment systems for the home.

Bottom line: Amazon's press photos show the Echo Auto positioned on the dashboard and mounted on a holster attached to an air vent. The updated speaker brings a new design to match the smaller Echo speaker and new Echo Dot, whilst also improving the sound experience.

Another device enjoying better features at the same price is the Echo Show, which now features a 10-inch HD display and an eight-mic array. So if you're leaving home you can have Alexa set off a number of things, like locking a door and playing your podcast.

Amazon is also improvising the home security with the induction of "integrates Echo devices, smart lights, and security service providers to help customers protect their homes while they're away" on Alexa Guard.

The Echo Sub carries a 6-inch down firing woofer, and can be paired wirelessly with one or two Echo devices. Not anymore, the company has introduced a new US$129.99 Echo Sub. The new Echo Dot is a much-enhanced version of the previous generation Dot. Amazon will begin to ship it later this year.

He revealed a new feature that can understand if a user whispers to the device in an attempt to keep the noise down, with Alexa now knowing to whisper in response.

When Alexa is told "corn on the cob", a digital Echo speaker starts an AmazonBasics microwave oven in a faux home demonstration room, setting the preferred time and voicing what it is doing.

Based on the specs though, we would suggest waiting for the new Echo Plus if you're in the market for one of these Amazon speakers. The device won't go on sale until it obtains FCC approval in the United States, according to the Amazon listing page. The $34.99 device will be available later this year.

The clock - which Amazon said will automatically change the hour for daylight savings time - will sell for $30.

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