Video shows ‘firenado’ pulling hose out of firefighter’s hands

Terrifying 'fire tornado' sucks firehose 200 feet into the sky, then melts it in midair

Talk about playing with fire — this crew got in a tug of war with a fire tornado | The Bellingham Herald

The crew were battling the blaze in Vanderhoof, which has experienced one of its worst fire seasons on record with at least 13,300 square kilometers burned in more than 2,000 fires since April.

And now, it seems, Canadian wildfires are just toying with firefighters.

Schidlowsky said they played tug of war with it but the hose ended up melting.

"Typically a fire whirl won't be as large and won't last as long as what you're seeing in that clip", he said. Sort of - they're certainly unsafe, but these are actually real, as Schidlowsky's video shows.

"Fire destroyed our line", Instagram user M.C. Schidlowsky, who was part of the fire crew in British Columbia, wrote.

A fire tornado was created.

The whirl pulled the hose more than 100ft into the air before melting it, as well as throwing burning logs.

Schidlowsky writes that the tornado reached over 200 feet (61 meters) in height. When the towering flames and smoke got caught up in a whirlwind.

Fire tornadoes also can be deadly, such as one generated earlier this summer by the Carr Fire in Northern California that killed a firefighter.

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