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Belkin introduced its new BoostUp wireless charging dock for iPhone + Apple Watch today that not only keeps your new tech juiced up, but it's also so pretty you won't be ashamed to have it on full display in your house. But this time on the iPhone XS, according to iFixit, Apple used multiple layer sizes and folded electrode sheet to create a curvy power pack that neatly bends around other important iPhone internals like the logic board, Taptic engine and memory.

Once again, Apple saw long lines at some of its stores by customers wanting to snag a new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.

The jovial act took place at around 11 p.m. Singapore time and a company spokesperson confirmed to CNET saying the reason behind the hand-out was to "offer respite from the weather and gruelling wait". Elsewhere, there were much shorter queues with sales limited those that had placed online orders. But those who missed the opening of pre-orders last week have to visit a physical store to get one on the first day. If the iPhone XS Max is too big, then the Note 9 is also too big, and by extension, the iPhone 8 Plus is too (it's taller and wider than the XS Max, but barely).

Meanwhile, across the border in Hong Kong, the story is a different one.

It all began in 2012 following riots outside an Apple Store in Beijing. The Huawei van carrying the fruit juices had "no traces of apple" written over them. Small changes include an added antenna band on the bottom of each device near the Lightning port (which iFixit speculates has to do with Gigabit LTE), a 32 percent larger wide angle sensor and increased pixel size for the rear camera in both phones, and a larger taptic engine and extended logic board in the iPhone XS Max.

Sheung Leung from G World at Sin Tat Plaza, who sells the gadget mainly to local and mainland customers, said profit was slashed by half compared to two or three years ago. The iPhone XS suffered no real visible damage but the iPhone XS Max ended up with a sizable scuff across the top and some scratches on the screen.

"iPhone XS is expensive for me, but I just can't resist the new dual SIMs feature", Li said.

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