Amazon's latest devices put Alexa anywhere and everywhere

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Or not. It just carefully listens to you. If you forget to do something in your routine, Alexa will remind you, either through an Echo speaker or an Android phone.

These products aren't for every audio enthusiast but I recall poo-pooing voice control myself...until I tried it. Experience matters - and I'll be getting an Echo Link once it begins shipping "soon". Firstly, the AmazonBasics Microwave ($59.99) is a compact countertop microwave that connects to your Echo device and makes cooking easier by integrating the simplicity and convenience of voice.

Furthering the notion of a hifi system built from separates (and not active speakers), the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp both offer a subwoofer output and a line-level input. They aren't going to be better than your home entertainment receiver, but they might be a nice stopgap if you aren't looking to set up some insane 5.1 surround setup in your home office, but want something with more firepower than the Echo Input. It can be paired with an Echo to create a more robust sound system with powerful bass.

Amazon has also announced a Skype app for the device, so you don't have to voice call from the Alexa app now.

Lastly, Amazon has launched the Amazon Smart Plug ($24.99) which facilitates the use of voice to switch on items such as lights, fans, coffee makers, and more.

[Photo: Amazon]Redesigned Echo Show, $229.99: The company also debuted a completely redesigned Echo Show, doubling the size of its display and adding better audio tech. Thanks to Amazon's AI and network infrastructure, Alexa will constantly study and ultimately predict your most intimate preferences at home.

But Amazon is trying to shorten that gap.

And, of course, there was the $60 microwave, which Limp contended was a strong test because of how much microwaves interfere with wireless connectivity used by devices to communicate. That's in addition to the time, which you'll be able to tell by looking at the clock. It also has a camera, so it's on you to decide where to put this one.

If I were a true cable-cutter, this device would interest me the most of anything I've seen today. With new premium speakers and Dolby processing, you will not only get a better image but better sound.

Amazon's looking to join the fight for your driving attention, now a three-way tossup between other cars on the road, Google's Android Auto, and Apple's CarPlay.

Amazon announced a new accessory called Echo Auto, which lets you have Alexa in your vehicle. It also enables location-based skills, so you can flip on a bunch of devices as you arrive home (if you can't do that already). Turn-based directions now work with Waze and Apple Maps.

The Echo Auto, whose tagline is "Take Alexa on the road", is a smart speaker for you car, which allows users to add Amazon's smart assistant to their vehicles. So the only thing that sets it apart from regular clocks is that you can use Alexa and your voice to set timers, alarms, and change the time. It includes the same smart functionality as the other Echo devices but adds convenient glanceable Alexa features and more.

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