Clarence Thomas Looms Over Brett Kavanaugh In Ominous Time Magazine Cover

WHAT TOOK HER SO LONG? U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein seen at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last Thursday first heard from Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser in July

What people who knew Kavanaugh and his accuser are saying

Biden said she insisted her name not be used and Thomas not be told of the accusations, effectively tying the committee's hands. "We have to get to the bottom of this". Both were then teenagers.

He denies the allegation and, according to Sen.

Despite more than $8 million in spending on targeted ads meant to influence Senate votes of Kavanaugh, there has been little evidence to this point that his nomination would have much of an impact on the fall's political landscape. Whatever the truth of Ford's account, it's a cinch that the precedent created here would incentivize liars, particularly in an age of partisan hyperpolarization where Supreme Court confirmations already function as bloodsport. The Justice Department, for its part, argued in a statement late Monday that it is the FBI's responsibility to evaluate any threat Kavanaugh may pose to national security, but that Ford's claim "does not involve any potential federal crime" for the FBI to investigate.

"We will not sit by and let Republicans use this hearing to attack, undermine and shame Ford", declared UltraViolet executive director Shaunna Thomas.

"This is not just Kavanaugh that is on trial". So it is possible that there - with the idea that this hearing is coming up and that there's a lot of pressure from Republicans for it to happen, that she could decide to appear. "There is certainly a significant danger for Republicans if they are seen as railroading the nomination through at this stage or not providing a real public airing of the facts".

If Democrats had believed Ford's story was convincing, and had followed the committee-hearing process in good faith, we'd have heard about it in July, and we'd have been hearing about nothing else since - especially during the hours upon hours that Kavanaugh answered aggressively provocative, politically loaded questions under oath. And after Hill's allegations were leaked publicly, he wrote, "we did not ask the FBI to conduct an investigation". But the woman who spoke with me is named Lisa Heaps.

President Donald Trump's facing a special counsel investigation, and the legal trouble of some of his former associates have also prompted calls for delaying the process.

Me Too, which gained strength last fall in the wake of allegations that toppled Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein, has since brought down other powerful men who have done horrific things.

On Oct. 11, 1991, Hill faced a grilling over her accusations that Thomas, her boss in the 1980s, had repeatedly made sexually explicit remarks to her at work over an extended period of time.

In an interview on "Good Morning America" Wednesday morning, Hill, now a professor at Brandeis University, said she thinks the Senate Judiciary Committee should "push the pause button" on Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings and have the FBI thoroughly investigate the claim Christine Blasey Ford has made.

If Kavanaugh is forced to withdraw, the political dynamic of the Supreme Court could be scrambled once again, officials from both parties said. In 2018, a year in which the midterm elections were already attracting a record number of women candidates, the prospect of another Supreme Court showdown over sexual misconduct seems eerily reminiscent. Hill suggested the probe should be "guided by experts who have devoted their careers to understanding sexual violence". "If their base gets any more excited, they might have a stroke".

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